Triple Double Slots

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Triple Double Slots is a highly-rated and incredibly popular casino app that players can download and enjoy on any mobile device that runs iOS or Android systems. The app was developed by Rocket Games and, unlike many other mobile casino apps, it does not require any active internet connection for players to use its content. Players who are fans of slots will definitely appreciate the effort and attention to detail that went into making every one of the exciting titles that are featured within the application. As another added benefit, every member of the Triple Double Slots community is entitled to daily bonuses and rewards that enhance the experience without any real money being spent.

Triple Double Slots Casino Features

This casino app is the perfect match for any slots game purist, because it almost entirely focuses on providing the best quality slots that do a great job of replicating machines that can be found on the floors of Las Vegas casinos. The appearance of each game makes quite the first impression, as every detail is sharp and appealing with lots of vibrant colors and smooth animations. Sound effects from these slots will give the player the feeling of playing an authentic machine, all from the convenience of a phone or tablet. Each slot features the best in what experienced players would expect, such as wild and scatter symbols, multiple paylines, free spins, and more.

Triple Double Slots includes rewarding jackpots in certain games available on the app. The jackpots can be won by hitting a certain combination on the paylines while spinning the reels during one turn. This results in the player earning plenty of free credits to use later on at the mobile casino. Because the games do not have to be connected to the internet, the jackpots are not progressive and can be reset when using the casino app at future times. There are also a handful of other unique casino games designed specifically for this app, and players are encouraged to check out everything that is offered within the content.

Triple Double Slots Information

Players can use this casino app as a standalone program on their mobile devices. Therefore, there are no active bonuses that will be gained from being connected to the internet. The good thing is that bonuses can frequently occur in-game from special combinations and provide plenty of extra credits for players to use immediately on the app. Triple Double Slots is constantly adding new games to its collection and players can opt in to receive the latest updates. There is also an e-mail address provided for support in case players have any questions regarding the casino app or its features.